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MO.1.4 - UAS: Concepts and Applications

Moderators :

  • Francesco NEX
  • Ralf REULKE

Speakers :

  • Shuhang ZHANG : Three-dimensional path planning of UAVs imaging for complete photogrammetric reconstruction
  • Pedro BUSCHINELLI : Targetless photogrammetry network simulation for inspection planning in oil and gas industry
  • Victor ANGULO-MORALES : A novel method for estimation of structural changes in potato crops from uav-based digital surface models
  • Lorenzo TEPPATI LOSČ : Are measured ground control points still required in uav based large scale mapping? Assessing the positional accuracy of an rtk multi-rotor platform
  • Ryuji MATSUOKA : Preliminary investigation on possibility of super resolution of UAV orthoimages
  • Giulia SAMMARTANO : Oblique images and direct photogrammetry with a fixed wing platform: first test and results in Hierapolis of Phrygia (TK)