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TU.2.1 - Advancements in photogrammetric processing

Moderators :

  • Fabio MENNA
  • Norbert HAALA

Speakers :

  • Yuanxin XIA : Dense matching comparison between classical and deep learning based algorithms for remote sensing data
  • Dirk FROMMHOLZ : Lock-free multithreaded semi-global matching with an arbitrary number of path directions
  • Junhua KANG : Improving disparity estimation based on residual cost volume and reconstruction error volume
  • Fabio MENNA : Mitigating image residuals systematic patterns in underwater photogrammetry
  • Alessio CALANTROPIO : Image pre-processing strategies for enhancing photogrammetric 3D reconstruction of underwater shipwreck datasets
  • Immanuel WEBER : Learning with real-world and artificial data for improved vehicle detection in aerial imagery