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TU.1.4 - Geospatial Machine Learning

Moderators :

  • Jan Dirk WEGNER
  • Ribana ROSCHER

Speakers :

  • Ana-Maria LOGHIN : Supervised classification and its repeatability for point clouds from dense very high resolution tri-stereo satellite image matching using machine learning
  • Manu TOM : Lake ice monitoring with webcams and crowd-sourced images
  • Qingyu LI : Detection of undocumented buildings using convolutional neural network and official geodata
  • Sylvain LOBRY : Better generic objects counting when asking questions to images: a multitask approach for remote sensing visual question answering
  • Jana KIERDORF : What Identifies a Whale by its Fluke? On the Benefit of Interpretable Machine Learning for Whale Identification
  • Sofia Matilda TILON : Infrastructure degradation and post-disaster damage detection using anomaly detecting generative adversarial networks
  • Muhammad KAMRAN : Boundary regularized building footprint extraction from satellite images using deep neural networks