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TU.1.6 - Point cloud processing

Moderators :

  • Jan BOEHM
  • Mathieu BRÉDIF

Speakers :

  • SanderOUDE ELBERINKSmart fusion of mobile laser scanner data with large scale topographic maps
  • Kun ZHAN : Computed tomography data colouring based on photogrammetric images
  • Abderrazzaq KHARROUBI : Marker-less mobile augmented reality application for massive 3D point clouds and semantics
  • Philippe EVEN : Live extraction of curvilinear structures from lidar raw data
  • Mathieu BRÉDIF : Provably Consistent Distributed Delaunay Triangulation
  • Mario SOILÁN : Semantic segmentation of point clouds with PointNet and KPConv architectures applied to railway tunnels
  • Yaping LIN : Efficient training of semantic point cloud segmentation via active learning