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WE.1.8 - Landuse and Landcover Change Detection

Moderator :

  • Hongping Zhang

Speakers :

  • Aline DEPREZ : Imclass - a user-tailored machine learning image classification chain for change detection or landcover mapping.
  • Mirjana VOELSEN : Automatically generated training data for land cover classification with cnns using sentinel-2 images
  • Huijiao QIAO : Deep learning based on optical flow estimation for change detection: a case study in Indonesia earthquake
  • Elena BELCORE : Specific alpine environment land cover classification methodology: Google Earth Engine processing for Sentinel-2 data
  • Qin YE : Medium resolution remote rensing image change detection based vector analysis of midline change
  • Maria Antonia BROVELLI : Detection of land cover displacements through time-series analysis of multispectral satellite imagery: Application to desert sand dunes