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WE.2.5 - Thematic Information Extraction - 2

Moderator :

  • Maria Teresa MELIS

Speakers :

  • YuFENG : Multi-scale building maps from aerial imagery
  • Chengjun XU : Scene classification based on the intrinsic mean of Lie group
  • Michael SWAINE : Operational pipeline for a global cloud-free mosaic and classification of Sentinel-2 images
  • Sona GULIYEVA : Land cover / land use monitoring for agriculture features classification
  • Torana Arya GASICA : Identification of temporary surface water using Sentinel-1 SAR data, case study: Sentani flash flooding, Indonesia
  • Lorenz WICKERT : Supporting the Management of Humanitarian Operations with Remote Sensing
  • Tengteng QU : Characterization of the frost heave deformations in high latitude and deep seasonally frozen soil of Inner Mongolia with Sentinel-1 InSAR observations